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Choose a file, it will not leave your computer

What if someone would challenge that you possessed a file at a certain time or that the file is the authentic original? You can secure all types of files as well as e-mails and webpages. Enigio Time is your modern TSA, based on blockchain technology.


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Enigio E-archive Assurer - Your first step to secure long term E-archive solution read more.

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How can you secure the copyright of your creation?

time:stamp knows

Imagine that a digital document that you created gets a qualified electronic time stamp. A digital proof that the particular version of a document has existed at a particular time. We present Enigio time:stamp, an easy way to create a secure digital fingerprint and time stamp of your digital information. This can e.g. be used to prove copyright of your work, or to retrospectively prove the content of a document.
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What did that web site look like?

time:grab knows

Web pages change constantly, what was displayed a moment ago may be gone or changed in the next. Sometimes you may see a website that you would like to freeze in time and show later. An offer, an instant message, a newspaper article. With Enigio time:grab, you can easily timestamp a picture of an entire Web page, just as it looked at that specific moment.
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Did it really happen?

time:shot knows

By using Enigio time:shot you can finally put your trust in photos again! Enigio time:shot offers the ability to take a photo and then prove that it was taken at a specific time, at a specific location and that the picture has not been tampered since. You can also easily share your time:shots, thus proving what really happened.
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When was that mail sent?

time:mail knows.

By using Enigio time:mail you can securely time:stamp your e-mail correspondence. Thereafter you can safely prove that an e-mail has been sent (or received) at a specific time, to whom it was sent and how it looked when it was sent (or received).
Enigio time:mail stamps your email, the receiving addresses as well as attached files.

Secure all your digital assets from manipulation over time

Integrated solution for qualified timestamping according to ISO standard 18014-3.

Use Enigio Integrated time:stamp to obtain a continuous and integrated secure time-stamping of all transactions in your IT systems. The integration is built by using our simple REST API for web services.