Alfa E-archive Assurer

In co-operation with Alfa Kommun & Landsting we are offering the Alfa E-archive Assurer, your first step to a long-term E-archive.

Alfa E-archive Assurer is a server-based solution with web interface that supports and automates the work that needs to be done to prepare digital documents for export into an E-archive. Alfa E-archive Assurer can be an appropriate first step for an organization that is in the process of specifying and procuring a new e-filing system. The solution can of course also be very useful for organizations that often need to receive and handle a large number of documents, which can automatically supplied with metadata and converted to long-term archiving format, eg PDF/A1a, prior to import into an existing E-archive.

Imports may be made from CD, DVD, file areas, FTP areas, Web sites and e-mail servers. We provide a REST-API for system integration. Traceability all through the system is guaranteed by Enigio’s secure timestamps.

Alfa E-archive Assurer is based on the OAIS principles and is very easy to install and get started with. It supports approved metadata schema according to METS, eg. Dublin Core, MODS, PREMIS. Metadata is managed in the database, but can also be embedded in documents (PDF / A, TIFF, JPEG).

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