Blockchain Technology

Enigio Time's solution is based on blockchain technology and we have introduced the term Blockchain Aggregator in order to explain what we do.

Bitcoin is by far the best known blockchain implementation, and it is naturally therefore to use it as one of our referenced blockchains when implementing our time:stamp solutions.

But to further enhance our time:stamp and provide a robust qualified timestamp service over time we do not want to rely on Bitcoin alone as that would introduce drawbacks. Therefore we have created our own blockchain where we aggregate our references to other blockchains like Bitcoin and published data, as well as using our own patent time:beat where we introduce real world references into our blockchain

As a Blockchain Aggregator adding multiple references into one new chain we can truly say that our time:stamp implementation will stand the test of time, a digital verification entered into our blockchain or linked-scheme, is rock-solid and impossible to manipulate.

By using a Blockchain Aggregator as our service you also get an easy-to-use API which abstracts away the complexity of e.g. making publications directly into Bitcoin at the same time as you get more references than Bitcoin alone.

  • Easy and low cost access to the advantages of using Bitcoin as a tamperproof ledger.
  • More redundancy - several channels and references
  • More conveniency - easier than to build an own blockchain publication service ”in-house”
  • Higher Granularity - the proof can be more precise
  • Powerful traceability - easier to verify proof
  • Monitoring - continuously validating the chain of proof and alert if integrity is compromised

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