About Enigio Time

Enigio Time AB is a Stockholm-based innovation company formed in March 2012. We deliver solutions for qualified electronic time stamping, traceability and E-archives.

We offer services for qualified time stamps. You could say that we are a modern digital notary service, a seal for documents of the twenty-first century. Enigio Time is your easy to use TSA (Time Stamping Authority) and our solutions supports the standards RFC 3161 and ISO/IEC 18014.

Our time stamping covers all types of digital data such as E-mail archives, databases, text documents, images, audio files and movies etc

By using Enigios services you choose a provider that provides independent, secure, irrefurtable, time-resistant proof of digital information combined with cost-effective solutions.

Our solution for e-archiving is both innovative and proven. Grounded in our long experience in designing and managing e-archives. The biggest installation based on our solutions handle over 100 million documents and is one of the largest e-archives in Sweden.

Our services are free of charge for individuals and non-profit organizations. Contact Us for a quote if you want to use the services commercially.

Management team Enigio Time

Göran Almgren CEO

Mats Stengård COO

Hans Almgren CTO

You can reach us on the following e-mail adresses: firstname.lastname@enigio.com

Use the form or call 070-641 77 76